e-catalogue 2022


Due to the high power in PoE++ the choice of a high-quality connector is essential. While disconnected, Legrand €™s high-quality connectors prevent damage to the contacts due to the arc generated. The user friendly toolless fast connection for installation both on patch panels and in the workstation facilitate wiring and increase data transfer speed with both the copper solution and the fibre optic solution. A perfect connection can be obtained in a few seconds, guaranteeing optimum performance of the link from the patch panel to the workstation.

  • Quick-connect connection (no tools required)
  • UTP
  • Compatible with flat and angled patch panels
  • Supplied with coloured labels
  • Easy to spread pairs before fitting them onto the connector.
  • Permissible conductors: - Single-core/Multicore: 0.4 to 0.65 mm, AWG 26 to 22 - Polyethylene conductor insulation: ˜ 0.85 to 1.7 mm on insulation


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