e-catalogue 2022


Understand and control your environment. Access your own weather data in real time via your smartphone with the Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station. It delivers everything you could ever want to know about your indoor and outdoor environment, notifies you the changes in your environment and allows you to understand it at a glance by checking the charts in the app. Join the world's leading community of connected weather stations and explore their measurements in more than 170 countries on the Weathermap!

  • Benefit from your own real-time indoor and outdoor environment readings.
  • Access your Weather Station's readings remotely via your smartphone
  • View past readings and charts in the app.
  • Receive an alert when your environment changes
  • Improve air quality at home
  • Create links with other connected devices.
  • Access a seven-day weather report in the app.
  • Join the Netatmo Smart Weather Stations community
  • Adapt your activities to the weather for greater convenience.
  • Supplement your Weather Station with dedicated accessories.



  • Base Unit Contents: 1
  • Base Unit Barcode: 3700730501286
  • Base Unit Dimensions: 70mmW x 185mmH x 185mmD
  • Base Unit Weight (Gross): 707.0
  • Inner Carton Contents: 9
  • Pallet Quantity: 312


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